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Delivering Technology Services for Connected World

IOT Engineering & Testing

We Provide services in developing IOT devices, Operator Compatibility Testing of IOT devices and adding Connectivity to Sensors. We specialize in NB-IOT Testing. We provide ready-made applications for use in IOT applications. Provide OPC based systems for Industrial IOT systems

Embedded Software

We develop products and services for customers in Telecom and Medical Fields. Whether it is Developing Telecom Nodes, Writing Device Drivers, Bluetooth Beacons connectivity, or Adding Communication to Medical Devices we deliver innovation for our customers

Testing & Validation

Testing and Validation services include both Manual and Automation Testing. We have Python and Shell script based Verification frameworks which can be customized for Various needs. Cloud Performance testing, Security and Compliance testing is our speciality.

Data Science & Analaytics

Our Data Science Team works with our customers on solving Complex problems like Audio Pattern recognition, Machine Fault prediction, Customer Churn Prediction,Customer Loyalty, Sales Prediction 

Mobility and Cloud

We develop Android and iOS applications. Take your Enterprise  applications to AWS and Azure Cloud. We work on DevOps and Cloud cost management for our customers