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FalconSmart Kit

(In-Building, Drive Testing)

FalconSmart Kit with its industry leading support for up to 12 UEs and instantaneous reports has been used by our customers to design, optimize and troubleshoot thousands of miles of outdoor networks, hundreds  of In-Buiding venues, Stadiums, Conference centers,Hotels,Hospitals, Enterprises,university campuses. FalconSmart Kit is the leading industry solution for Drive Tests and Indoor walk tests.

Industry first solution to combine data collection, post-processing, analytics and reporting into a single product in the field. It helps improve overall deliverable quality, reduce expertise, resources needed in the field, cuts down engineering time and resources required for post-processing, analysis and template based manual report generation.

Leveraging cutting edge Mobile, Real-Time Analytics and Cloud technologies, FalconSmart Kit dramatically reduces the Collection to Recommendation Cycle. A typical collection to recommendation cycle takes 36-48 hours, FalconSmart Kit reduces it by more than 50%, which has a direct result on our customers’ cost and cycle time.

FalconSmart Kit differentiates itself from competition by providing instantaneous on-screen analysis and reports. It offers fully automated instant analysis and report generation of Outdoor Functional Call Testing, Mobility Testing, DAS and Small Cell, Functional Call and Antenna Validation Testing.

With its Guided App Modules, various standard tests such as Stationary and Mobile Functional Call Test for Outdoor and Indoor can be performed by a non-RF engineer, such as an installation and integration engineer. This allows our customers to ensure that a site or venue is not passed to optimization stage before the installation or integration team ensures that there is no pending issue related to site or venue . As a result, our customers can significantly improve their First Time Yield and achieve the goal of getting things done in First Time Right approach.

FalconSmart Kit offers full range of capability for indoor and outdoor use cases for all technologies – 2G to 4G, CDM, GSM to Wi-Fi, and CS to PS (VoLTE) Call. For indoor use, it seamlessly integrates with iBwave file formats and iBwave Planner.