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FalconSmart Probe and Drone Solution

FalconSmart Probe is a Smart Probe which enables remote network testing and monitoring of Consumer Experience in Key Important Circles/Locations in real time. FalconProbe can be installed in key customer locations and can be used to monitor Network KPI/KQI for end consumers on Live Dashboards.

FalconSmart Probe Dashboards can be used to do a complete drilldown to each individual probe and its KPIs.

FalconSmart Probe supports CSSR, CST, CCR, Data Throughput testing.



Consumer Centric QoS Measurements

  • Activity Generation & KPI reporting

  • Conversational (voice, video conferencing..)

  • Interactive (web, WAP, telnet, Game..),

  • Streaming (Audio and Video..),

  • Background (email, messaging, FTP..)

  • KPIs/KQIs capturing as per ETSI and ITU for network, services, applications, devices


Operation & Maintenance

  • 24×7 monitoring, operation and reporting of KPIs/KQIs

  • Remote management

  • Download/Upgrade option via OTA, pre-installed or app store

  • Charging options supports DC/AC with standalone battery life upto 6 hrs

  • Option to clamp anywhere and environmental resistant

  • Configurable size of box

  • Alarm Management via remotely configured Triggers






  • Vendor-independent & Bearer-Independent

  • Pole mounting

  • External braces

  • Modular configuration

  • Scalable measurements, analysis and reporting

  • Any commercially available device with Android 2.2 Onwards

FalconSmart Drones available soon for commercial use in Network Data Collection