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FalconONE Cloud

Unique solution for Real time remote monitoring and troubleshooting

FalconONE is an advanced cloud based, modern html platoform for live monitoring and remote management of Drive and Walk Test Data and Kits. FalconONE integrates with FalconKit, and can be used from anywhere, and offers the same details as the person in the field has. Engineering teams can communicate directly with the field team based FalconLive’s real time views, and also remotely participate in troubleshooting and optimization.

FalconONE delivers a rich set of information, in real time and anywhere. It offers remote test script management, remote route management, live map view of all drive teams, ability to remotely set up any of the drive kits, real time key RF KPI’s for each UE in a selected kit, live test execution status, and coming soon near real time RRC upload and processing.


Live streaming of real time location and RF measurements and events

  • Unique Industry solution

  • Faster optimization and troubleshooting

  • Less rework and revisits


Live streaming of real time L2/L3 messages

  • Quicker project turn around (and invoicing)

  • Reduce expertize required in-field

  • Centralized Optimization team


Real time alarm monitoring

  • Reduce OPEX

  • Reduce customer complaints as quicker access to field data